Reclaiming Personal Experience

Reclaiming personal experience: experiencing something rather than just looking at a digital image. The Chris Staley teapot pictured below is so beautiful. How different the experience would be if I could use it:  feel the smoothness of the handle, the weight as you lift it,  and the warmth of the body of the teapot holding tea.


From Chris Staley: The Hegemonic Eye

“Certainly in ceramics a photograph of a pot can have profound implications. Often it is slide transparencies or digital images that determine what art schools we go to, what jobs we get, or where we sell our work. And yet we know a functional pot isn’t really appreciated until it is used. As a young potter I was told that the quality of a 4×5 transparency was more important than the pot itself simply because more people would see the photo. When the eye solely experiences art, in this case pottery, we become an audience of viewers, which is much different than the full sensory experience of using a favorite cup. By using a cup we reclaim personal experience.”