Classes at Milkhouse Studio

I just added an evening wheel-throwing  class to the spring class schedule.

Thursday 6:30-9:30,

 March 16- May 4. 

The description is the same as the morning classes.

Wheel-throwing Classes

March 15- May 3

8 weeks


$275 + $25 materials fee.

A Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning class is offered.  Chose the best day for you.  

The throwing class is designed for any level of skills, from beginner to advanced. Since the class is small, instruction is personalized to your needs and the atmosphere relaxed.  You’ll get individualized instruction to develop your skills.

 I’ll be demonstrating  a lesson each week, from the basic techniques of centering,  cylinders, cups and bowl, to refining simple forms and exploring more complex shapes.

Making pots on the wheel is about learning to operate a potters wheel, but more importantly, learning to pay attention to form and developing a vocabulary of shapes.   




Ikebana Class

April 1- May 6

6 weeks


$150 + $25 materials fee.

For the first class, Jose’ will bring plant materials for the arrangements.  In subsequent classes, bring your own flowers from your garden or bought.  For class, you’ll need clippers and a kenzan (flower frog).  Jose’ will have them in the first class for purchase.

Flowers will soon be blooming in our Spring gardens!

Spend six Saturday afternoons in the Spring learning the Japanese way to make beautiful flower arrangements and making a vase for your arrangements.

Jose’ Juico will teaching the Art of Japanese Flower-arranging in the Ohara and Ikenobo Schools of Ikebana.  You’ll be learning about flower placement, empty space, movement to make lovely, elegant works of art.
I’ll be teaching students to make an ikebana vase for their arrangements. Using slabs, we’ll make vases to present your arrangements. No experience necessary!

One-Day Nerikomi Workshop at Cheltenham Art Center

I’ll be doing a Nerikomi workshop at Cheltenham Art Center , May 21.  Basic nerikomi techniques, color mixing, making a cane, making a clay “fabric” to bring home and use to make your own slab-built form.

Weekend Nerikomi Workshop

wood fired bowl nerikomi inlay

Saturday, June 10th 10 am- 5 pm
Sunday June 11th 10 am- 4pm

$150 (materials are included).  Bring a delicious potluck contribution to lunch.

Nerikomi is an ancient Japanese decorative technique that uses colored clay to make intricate designs directly in the clay. Patterned rolls, or “canes” are formed by stacking different colored clays together. We will cut cross-section slices of these canes and apply to slabs of clay, making decorative clay “fabric.” Working with colored clay in this way is all about patterning: making colorful designs–flowers, geometrics, checkerboards, stripes etc, and integrating this design into the body of the pot. I’ll demonstrate basic nerikomi process: coloring clay, making nerikomi rolls and clay fabric, and using the clay fabric to construct elegant and sturdy porcelain forms.

In the morning, I’ll talk about mixing colored clay, demonstrate how to make a “cane” of patterns, and how to create graduated color, light to dark.

We’ll break for a potluck lunch.

In the afternoon, we’ll make canes and use our canes to make a fabric of nerikomi design.

On Sunday we’ll use the clay fabric to make two slab-formed pots, one on a plaster mold, and one by constructing a tall form using templates with dart&tuck construction techniques. Examples of both types of construction are in the NERIKOMI POST on my blog page



samll woodfired bowl
small bowl
teapot stoneware with porcelain inlay