Black Friday Preview

All of the pots in this post will be available at the Milkhouse Studio Open House on Black Friday.

Too soon for Cherry Blossoms?
nerikomi bowl

Hydrangea on Woodfired bowl

Purple Daisy Shallow Bowl with a beautiful blush on the raw porcelain clay.

bowl with nerikomi

This shallow bowl is wood fired in the salt chamber of the wood kiln. The salt produced a very shiny glaze surface on the raw clay.

Woodfired bowl

Two faceted teapots, wood-fired

woodfired teapot woodfired teapot


Below are a few of the Nerikomi “Partners” boxed sets, inside and out. There’ll be cups with other flower designs, as well.

The “peachy” blush on the Hydrangea cups are a result of the wood firing process.

black friday previewblack friday preview.





  1. Denise Sokol says:

    These are beautiful! It made me smile to see your lovely, smiling face on your email about your Black Friday sale. Love to you and yours – Denise

  2. Carolyn Marchitell says:

    Nell, your creativity & skills have opened for me yet another path of aesthetc appreciation.
    Thank you for the thrilling experiences in your studio with Sensei, ikibana-melds-with-pots. Hugs, Carolyn

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