Nerikomi Workshop Results

Thanks to everyone in last weekend’s Nerikomi Workshop for the beautiful designs, good company, and good food!

During the workshop, I demonstrated making canes and using the canes to make a fabric.

Here’s the demonstration fabric I made:IMG_1282


The participants used the fabric to make plates,  vase forms, and even a lampshade. (images of some of the forms to follow after firing.)

I used my fabric after the workshop to make bowls that I will fire next weekend.  I began by cutting the fabric into strips


and then applied the strips to a fresh slab of porcelain

Makings of a slab bowl
Makings of a slab bowl


Here’s the bowls waiting to be fired:

Bowl with flower strips and cobalt stripes
Bowl with flower strips and cobalt stripes





Images of the fired pots will appear in a few weeks